Who We Are

ZeroIndex Ltd. is privately owned company based in London specializing in application development for Android smartphones and tablets.

Who You Are

You're interested in seeing your company branch into the mobile area with branded, consumer-facing products. You have the creative vision, but need the technical resource to realise it.

Example Applications

  • Social Networking
  • eReaders and Library Apps
  • Sporting Results and Timetables
  • Financial, Sales and Market information
  • Shopping and Brochure Apps
  • News Readers
  • Remote Data Management
  • Gambling and Betting Apps
  • Communties, Portals and Messaging
  • Schedules and Booking services
  • Voting, Quiz and Dating services
  • Property and Real Estate listings
  • Video/Audio


  • We believe in products that provide real value to the end user
  • We deliver in weeks, not months
  • We like to talk. Regular product evaluation is essential
  • We are 100% focused on your business objectives
  • We are equally driven by creative enthusiasm and technical expertise