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Cohesion is the flagship product designed by ZeroIndex. It consists of a non-public code library used by ZeroIndex to rapidly develop J2ME applications. It also defines the architecture needed to support networked and database driven J2ME applications, and uses a standardised toolset to manage content delivery from a hosted location.

Using Cohesion has the following advantages:
  • Fast development time
  • Feature Scalability. If your business needs change, your application can change with it
  • Immediate support and issue resolution, hands-on
  • Modular 'toolkit' approach gives you the features that you want, not what you don't
  • Reusable codebase keeps our - and therefore your - costs to a minimum and ensures trouble-free operation

You may already have an existing web-based content solution and you want a branded, rich-content mobile phone application to integrate with it. Maybe your plan is long term and cannot easily be accommodated by a single development cycle, but as an iterative project. Then Cohesion can be modified to fit your needs. Tell us what you want, and we'll use Cohesion to develop the application and, if required, any server infrastructure needed to support it.


The Cohesion Toolkit comprises:
  • J2ME user interface classes
  • XML data parsing classes
  • Networking classes
  • Middleware business logic
  • Security classes
  • Application provisioning logic
  • Reporting and statistical feedback tools
  • Database design and administration tools
  • Web Content Management System toolset
  • WML/XHTML generation (as required)


ZeroIndex actively embrace the principles behind XP and Agile methodologies.
Cohesion is designed to be flexible enough to meet these core principles:
  • Keep it simple. The simple solution is the correct one. Do not obfuscate with terminology or over-design.
  • Start developing sooner rather than later. Get a prototype on screen and make it functional.
  • Keep the focus on the business objective, not on the personal preferences of individual members of the team.
  • Evaluate and re-evaluate constantly. Change is both welcome and productive.


Cohesion is a licensed product. Please talk to us about our rates and support options.